HERE Town Meeting: February 15


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    An audio recording of HERE's February 15th Town Meeting with artists who have past or current affiliations with HERE.

    As a part of TCG's field-wide national effort to instigate conversation to improve relations between artists and arts organization, HERE posed the following questions to those in attendance:

    Many participants want individual artists working with an organization to feel a sense of ownership in the art they and the organization create together. How can theatres help to create an increased sense of ownership and collaboration?

    Several theater leaders and staff want individual artists to recognize the responsibility that comes with ownership, and commit time, effort and focus accordingly. What activities can artists initiate or participate in that would benefit the theatre and its community?

    Some people expressed that, even as artists long for an artistic home and a sense of ownership in artmaking and institutional processes, artists need to preserve a certain amount of independence. Given that the goals and values of institutions and artists will rarely overlap 100 percent, what can be put in place to bring the two closer together?

    Many people perceive that it is not easy for institutions to change their processes or ways of thinking! Established mechanisms like contract and funding structures may reduce an organization's flexibility. What strategies can be used to address this issue?

    Many participants in the conversations have been intrigued by the promise of cross-fertilization-the energy and ideas that might come from reaching out to other disciplines, as well as breaking down boundaries between administrators and artists. Have theatres and/or artists in your community collaborated cross-sector?

    Many meeting participants have been enthusiastic about mentorship. Some have suggested that the concept and practice of mentorship be expanded to include established organizations mentoring younger ones and vice versa. What type of sharing (both information and resources) would be helpful?
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released February 17, 2011



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